Academic Overview

The teacher student relationship is very important for children. Children spend approximately 6 to 7 hours a day with a teacher for almost 10 months in Asia International School. The teachers continuously monitor the students in order for him or her to be aware of any difficulties the student is having. Understanding the child’s problem, fear, or confusion gives the teacher a better understanding of the child’s learning difficulties.

The chart below proves how a student is being assisted and monitored by Administration, teachers and other staff to achieve student learning and academic expectations.

AIS provides a team of teaching and non-teaching staff to create a positive atmosphere to promote well- being and learning for the students. Besides academics, the school has a good support from the non-teaching staff, like :

* healthy life style is encouraged- PE teachers take care of the fitness of the students and helps in dealing with problematic students.

* All students in AIS get equal opportunities. Every individual is treated in a fair and dignified manner.

* Bullying in any form is totally rejected in our school. We maintain an environment free from harassment, disruption and intimidation. If such cases occur, immediate actions are taken. Our school counselor, takes care of these problems. Initially verbal warnings are given, and then written warning letters and if required suspension letters are issued. In spite of these actions, if the problem still persists, students are even expelled from the school.

* In our school the students have secure, supportive and caring environment. As a result of collective efforts made by all the members of the staff, the students are becoming more confident and showing interest in the studies and also learning values.