AIS follow an elaborative curriculum keeping IGCSE as the standardized form incorporated with KSA MOE mandatory requirements. This intricate curriculum designs coursework for all core subjects such as English, Math and Science along with the compulsory subjects Arabic, Islamic studies/Deen and Saudi Arabian Culture. The school provides students of High school and higher secondary an option to make a choice between Science and Humanities. The co-curricular activities and other school approved educational experiences justify and meet these requirements as per the country’s permissibility. AIS beliefs, expectations for student learning and instructional practices are formulated according to this curriculum. Our management, staff and parent communities are deeply linked to fulfill this commitment towards our student community in terms of better quality. Diverse ethnicities of AIS student population with their varied academic requirements in their own native countries and overseas are foreseen while the curriculum is executed and reviewed in accordance to their proficiency level to be increased.

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